“La Goccia Magica” and breastfeeding

Last month, on October 10th, I went to an event organized by my town leader to benefit pregnant moms and neo-moms with information about breastfeeding, and to welcome a new association here in Italy, “La Goccia Magica” (transl. “The Magical Drop”), that presented itself as a ‘sister’ of La Leche League, the international association of breastfeeding moms. I’ve been there from 9.30 to 12.30, listening to the mommy-volunteers who work for this association introduce themselves, their goals in helping other mothers fight taboos and troubles that come with breastfeeding in our current western society and their researches, together with experts in the medical field who were there to support the initiative with scientific data. It was a lovely time that I spent there. 🙂 I got to meet other moms, observe them, interact with little children… feel like I belonged there as everyone else did, even though I’m only a mom-at-heart and I never gave birth before. An unforgettable experience, truly. I hope there will be another chance soon.