Bonding Pendants

Bonding Pendants

Two months ago I was searching Ebay for “motherhood” and “breastfeeding” related items, and I came across these beautiful wood ornaments made by the Ebay seller bluemoonlaser, an exquisite and creative person really. I totally fell in love with these pendants, such a warm and kind reminder of the symbol of the relationship that bonds a mother and a child through breastfeeding. “Mother’s Milk – Nurturing the Soul of – (name)” is what is written on each of these pendants, where I requested the names of three of my children to be placed on: Jazzy, Landin and Rose.

Of course, I never breastfed these ‘adopted’ children of mine, but it’s the symbol that counts 🙂 These pendants are the symbol of the bond that links us to each other, that connects our hearts recognizing ourself as a family. I thank God everyday for this special gift of love, and I thank this great Ebay seller for creating such a beautiful reminder of this love. ♥

This is the one I bought for myself. I wrote all of my 9 kids’ names on its rear ^^

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